A High Fibre Diet For All

Well, a campaign to bring fibre to the village was kicked off back in 2008.  This week, we’ve seen the first visible signs that we were actually going to get it.  Back on Tuesday, BT contractors turned up to prepare the footings for the new DSLAM on the grass next to the footpath by Manor Farm.  By this morning (9th Feb 2017) the concrete had hardened and the site was deserted.

These are the footings with the earth for the power supply for the DSLAM cooling fan at the bottom left. We guess the power itself goes in to the bottom right and the 3 larger pipes are to carry the connections between the DSLAM and the old copper wires on the little pillar to the right of the second photo.  We’ve no idea what the middle pipe is – a drain perhaps.

By lunchtime, a shiny new DSLAM had been installed and a very nice Welsh chap was busy installing the ducting for wires, fibre optic cable and the power supply.  He reckoned all this would be completed by this evening.

It’s all a bit empty yet and a fibre-guru has to work his magic by knitting the fibre into the little blue trays.  That’s going to take a little while.  Then its all got to be tested and commissioned before it can go live. Of course to do all this you actually need to have the fibre to play with.  So, having saved the best bit of news to last, here it is; the fibre. All ready and waiting for the next phase of the work


Winterbourne Stoke Parish Council