A303 Stonehenge Scheme Public Consultation – Does Confusion Reign?

We promised to keep parishioners abreast of developments in relation to the public consultation on the A303 Stonehenge scheme – being so close, as it is, to village interests.  That was on Thursday 5th January. We also were led to believe then that briefings on the consultation were going to start between the 13th of January and the 8th of February.

We now understand that late in the evening on Friday 6th January, a rather terse communique was issued on behalf of Highways England that said:

“that public consultation will not start on Monday 9 January”.

Although brief, in bureaucrat-speak it says an awful lot.  Reading between the lines we can assume what this really means is:

We’ve had a bit of a last minute glitch to the long standing plan to start the public consultation on the A303 Stonehenge scheme on Monday 9th January, a date you’ve all been geared up for, but its not now going to happen”.

We will try and find out what is going on and the nature of the glitch.  The first indication may be content appearing on the two web landing pages given in our last posting and repeated for your convenience below:


We will alert you to any further developments we are made aware of.

3 thoughts on “A303 Stonehenge Scheme Public Consultation – Does Confusion Reign?

  1. If the Highways Agency cannot organise consultation about the A303, a process that has been done many,many times before at a massive cost, it makes you wonder how they will manage a project to build a new road.

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      Council Administrator

      We aren’t yet sure as to why there has been a delay. We can speculate that it might simply be that the Secretary of State took a long Christmas break and hadn’t signed off on the next stage of the process, or it might be that the consultancy, Copper, charged with running the consultation process (HE aren’t doing it themselves) aren’t yet ready, or a myriad of other reasons. We are currently trying to find out what has , or has not, happened.

  2. Some of you may be aware of “rumours” emanating from Berwick St James yesterday evening and this morning, that there will be two alternative routes proposed for the Winterbourne Stoke section of the A303 as part of the forthcoming consultation process and that the government are agnostic as to whether the northern or southern of these is preferred.

    At this stage, whilst we can confirm that there is, indeed, an email trail that underpins the rumours, the facts have not been officially confirmed. Until there is official confirmation, it is merely a hare that has been set running and it would be unwise to react prematurely as things of this type often change markedly up until the point of release. The Parish Council will continue to provide update information as soon as it is made available.

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