Clean It Up And Take It Home

We are receiving a growing number of complaints that a few irresponsible dog owners are allowing their pets to foul footpaths around the village.  Some disgusting individuals pick up after their pet, then leave the plastic bag hanging in a hedgerow, or, on a fence.  All the footpaths are affected to a greater or lesser extent, but by far the worst is the one that runs from Church Street, past Claire Price’s house (Old Glebe Farmhouse) and up the hill, eastwards towards Hill Farm Cottages.

This isn’t a footpath that is often used by visitors to the area; the culprits are almost certainly local and most likely from the village.

The Parish Council would much rather this simply stopped and those involved showed a bit of social responsibility.  That said, if anyone can provide the Parish Council with photographic or video evidence of those involved, it will be passed to Wiltshire Council with a view to prosecution.

Winterbourne Stoke Parish Council