Registering on the Website

If you are going to register on the site to comment on posts or participate on the forums, which is something we want to encourage, we would ask you to enter your first name and last name in the sign-up process, as well as picking a nickname.  The purpose of this is simply so we know that you are really a villager and entitled to have your views considered.  Sadly, in this day and age, it also reduces the chances of abuse.  Applications must now be approved before you can participate.

Initial Website Feedback

Well, the Parish Council leafleted most of the village last Friday and we have already had some positive verbal feedback and we have had a useful contribution which has illustrated the benefit of doing this sort of thing on-line, rather than the traditional way of doing things on paper.  Now we are not saying the traditional way is wrong, but it is very inflexible and much more time consuming than doing things online, so if you have an event that changes after a publication has been sent off for printing, there may be no way of correcting it.  At best, you may have to send out a correction slip to every recipient.  Here, it’s a matter of a few keystrokes and the change of time or venue is corrected.

Better still, if you have an electronic diary (Google Calendar or iCal), you can add a diary event to your electronic device with a single click saving you time and effort.


Of course, if you still prefer a printed version, you can always print one out for yourself.

Welcome to the New Website

Hi there and welcome to the new website for Winterbourne Stoke Parish Council.  It’s all part of the greater transparency that is being demanded at all levels of government and should make it easier for you to find out what is happening and why.  We want the website to be much more than that – a resource that you will all want to use and which will carry all the sorts of information that will make your life a little bit easier.  Just imagine all the stuff someone moving into Winterbourne Stoke wants to know when they arrive – everything from finding a good butcher to a plumber and everything in-between.  How about jobs in the local area, or a good restaurant, a retirement home for Uncle Fred?  That’s just some of the stuff we want to put on the site.

We aim to add more content soon and hope all our friends in Winterbourne Stoke will want to get involved.  Please come back soon and feel free to send us any relevant content that you would like us to consider for publishing or start a topic in the Forum for more general discussion.