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Tilshead Borehole Levels: 12th January 2018

As you may have seen on the News page, Winterbourne Stoke once again can live up to its name as the springs in and around the village have begun to break.   We’ve learned that this seems to happen when the water levels in the Tilshead aquifer pass the 82 metre mark and this year that happened at the start of the week.   The heavy rain towards the end of 2017 has been working its way into the ground and the rate of increase in the aquifer water level has increased markedly over the last 7 days.

Water levels are still around 3m below average for the time of year, but 4.5m deeper than at the same time last year.  With only 0.2mm of rain falling over the last 7 days, we would expect the rate of increase to fall over the next 7 days.   We have rain forecast for early next week, but beyond this, the forecast is for more stable and drier weather conditions.

Tilshead Borehole Levels: 5th January 2018

Happy New Year to you all.  Last year ended with something of a deluge.  We had 95mm or rain during December which is more than twice the amount we had in the previous December with the most rain over the last five years and 15 times the amount of rain we saw in the driest December we have had in the last 5 years.   For the record, that “driest” December was that of 2013-2014, when by early January, we already had groundwater rising in the village. That just goes to show how sensitive the local aquifer is to rainfall and how even a modest downpour can have profound effects on water levels.

We’ve modified the graph slightly to make this years water levels a little more obvious.   We have rain forecast for the weekend, with dry cold weather on Monday and with rain returning by the middle of next week.  There is likely to be more cold weather to follow with snow possible.  There may be a return to normal temperatures in early February, but the forecast looks fairly uncertain.

Tilshead Borehole levels: 29th December 2017

The water level in the Tilshead borehole has continued to rise throughout the last week following several days of rainy weather.  Although still below average (black circles), this year’s levels (red circles) are directly comparable with the last two years.

Heavy rain is forecast for today and the next few days are likely to have at least some precipitation. Looking further ahead into February, late winter seems set to be fairly typical and wet!

Tilshead Borehole Levels: 22nd December 2017

Although there has been relatively little rain during the period, there has still been a slow but steady increase in the water level in the Tilshead aquifer. Despite this, the levels are well below the average.

The weather forecast for Christmas week is a period of damp weather with drizzle and rain – no snow on Christmas Day for us it seems.  January seems to be likely to be dry at first with more rain towards the end of the month.

Tilshead Borehole Levels: 15 December 2017

Given all the rain sleet and, briefly, snow, we had last week 42mm in all. It probably won’t come as too much of a surprise that the water levels in the Tilshead aquifer, which had been falling steadily since the River Till dried up through the village in late Autumn, have now started to increase.

Despite the increase, the level this morning is the lowest we have seen on a 15th December in the 5 years of monitoring.

The weather forecast for the next week shows some rain beginning on Sunday, but drier weather being anticipated during the week.   The run up to Christmas and into the early part of January may see a little more sleet and snow, but by and large, it is expected to be drier than usual.