This category contains flood alert information, in particular the water levels in the Tilshead Borehole. Graphs will be published weekly from 1st December through until the end of March.

Tilshead Borehole Levels: 15th December 2019

The water levels in the Tilshead borehole never fail to confound expectations.  After a week of very heavy rain following a few dry days, you might have expected the rate of increase in the level to fall for a few days and then, after a short lag, the recharge rate to increase again.  That is what normally happens, but not this week.

No, not a bit of it.  The recharge rate has fallen steadily throughout the week.  On the other hand, the depth of River Till at the southern end of the village has increased steadily and is well above its summer maximum.   So what’s going on?   It’s possible that we had so much rain in a short time falling on sodden ground, a large proportion has simply run off straight into the River Till.  Whatever the explanation, it is still better news than anticipated.

We are expecting more showers today, and a dry day on Monday.  However, as the week goes on, anticipate more heavy rain and the weather getting steadily colder.  The bad news is that the weather begins to get warmer with bands of rain coming in from the West in the run-up to Christmas and beyond.

Early January may provide the relief we need, with a long, dry spell of weather.

Tilshead Borehole Levels: 8th December 2019

December has arrived and with it, we have the first week of data from the Tilshead borehole as the winter recharge of our local aquifer gets underway.  As you will have realised from several recent posts on the website, this process has begun very early and we are already two months ahead of the ‘normal’ schedule.  The graph after one week looks like this:

This shows that the water level has almost reached its average peak value for winter in early December, a peak that is normally reached in late February.  Over the last week, we have had relatively little rain, around 16mm according to Janet Abbot’s marvellous weather website here: Despite this, the water level has continued to rise.  Indeed, the water level in the River Till at Dryden Street (the southern end of the village that is called Dryden Street on Google Maps) is now deeper than its normal summer peak.   This is probably due to a combination of spring water and rainwater run-off, so that might fall if the dry weather continues.

The down-side is that we have more rain in the forecast, certainly over the next week.  Showers are set to begin later today with some heavier rain overnight.  The wet and windy theme is due to continue for the rest of the week and into next weekend.  In the run-up to Christmas we can expect much more of the same, with lower temperatures.  That said, the chance of a white Christmas here in the south is minimal.  Heavy rain is a much more likely Christmas forecast with a drier spell starting off early in the New Year.

Tilshead Borehole Levels: 31st March 2019

The end of March arrives with a fortnight of dry weather; very much “in like a Lion and out like a Lamb” as the old adage goes.   Spring has well and truly sprung with many of the trees now in bud or early leaf and the grass in our gardens growing wildly.  Water levels in the Tilshead borehole have ended the season about 2.5 metres below average and a metre above the driest Spring in the last six years.  Despite the lack of rain, the levels have continued to rise fairly steradily over the last week and probably won’t stop rising until the trees are in full leaf.   This is the last notice we plan to issue until December; though we will keep an eye on things if there is a lot of rain in April.   Have a great summer!We may get the odd shower this afternoon (Sunday) and more on Tuesday and Thursday to match the colder weather.  There may be a few showers over the next fortnight, with the weather continuing to be on the cold side.   Temperatures may start to build towards the end of the month, but no significant rainfall seems to be in the offing.

Tilshead Borehole Levels: 22nd March 2019

Just when I think I understand how the Tilshead aquifer works, along comes something different.  We’ve had 14 days with rain so far this month, a total of 61mm, and all the water level in the Tilshead borehole has done is to fall.  Those of you who have watched developments over the last few years will realise that the fall has happened because the trees are starting to bud and come into leaf and the grass is growing rampantly; all taking up water from the surface and stopping it from running down into the aquifer.  So far, so good.  What I cant explain is why, over the last few days, the rate of decrease has slowed and in the last day or so, in the near absence of rain in the last week, the borehole levels are starting to rise again…

The weather forecast for the rest of March is for some cloudy weather, maybe with a bit of drizzle.  We may even see a bit of sunshine by the middle of the week!  We may get a warmish spell by the end of the month with wet weather spreading southwards in early April.   The final formal report of this flood season will be issued next Sunday on 31st March.

Tilshead Borehole Levels: 15th March 2019

Well, well, well!  Despite having nearly a week with rain every day, making this even at mid-month at least the 3rd wettest March in the last six, the water levels in the aquifer have actually fallen constantly through the week.  It looks as though Spring really has begun and the trees have begun to take up water rapidly.

The weather over the next few days is set to be wet and windy, with the possibility of hail and even snow on the high ground further west.  By Tuesday, things should be getting drier and even a little warmer.   As we move into April, the weather is likely to be dier and a little warmer than average.