Dog Faeces on Church Street and Public Footpaths Around The Village

At the Parish Council Meeting on 20th March 2017, the Chairman expressed his disgust, having recently become a dog owner again, at the large amount of dog faeces being deposited along Church Street – outside people’s houses – and on public footpaths leading out of the village.  This rarely happened in the past and needs to stop now.

Villagers and visitors are reminded that it is an offence for a dog owner not to immediately clear up after their dog has fouled in most open areas in Wiltshire.  Dog faeces left on the ground by irresponsible dog owners is not only unsightly and anti-social but also a potential health risk to young children.  The faeces should be bagged and either taken home by the dog owner (the best solution) or placed in a litter bin (but NOT the bin in the Children’s Play Park!).

To get the mess removed you can report instances online or call Wiltshire Council on 0300 456 0107.  Please also let the Parish Council know.

Winterbourne Stoke Parish Council