Reminder About Summer Solstice 2017

Please see the latest on Summer Solstice 2017 from English Heritage here:  SS17 MESSAGE TO THE LOCAL PARISHES.

7 thoughts on “Reminder About Summer Solstice 2017

  1. Is anyone else being kept up at night by the incessant drumming and music from Stonehenge campsite? I have come to expect it for the Solstice but not for five nights beforehand!

  2. Yes! My husband leaves for work very early (4\5 am) and the noise level is becoming unbearable. It is now 11.40pm: that ridiculous horn is going off, whooping and hollering and the inevitable drumming. Can anything be done about it?

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    Council Administrator

    Unfortunately the Parish Council can do nothing direct to reduce the nuisance as it is the responsibility of Wiltshire Council, though I had hoped that William Grant would have replied to Rupert’s original comment and would have done something by now.

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    Andy Shuttleworth

    I have to say that last night was a blessed relief from the drumming which didn’t seem to stop until after 1:30am for most of the last 4 days (at least according to SWMBO – I’m lucky enough to sleep through most things). As I understand it, one of the reasons it may have seemed more intrusive this year than in previous years is that several of the campsite guests decamped to the river bank in the heat and continued their celebrations from there. I feel particularly sorry for those living by both of the small bridges in the village, as intrusion was the name of the game, with people picnicking on lawns, setting up hammocks in the hedgerow and even staring unbidden into villager’s windows…

  5. William Grant’s response to me on 19th June at 00:41 was ‘The thing is sweetheart I cannot hear any drumming and we are on campsite?’ My reply was ‘Really… no problem. I’ll speak to the local police and call the council in the morning. I have a recording of it. It’s been going on all day and evening. Thanks so much for your help and understanding’ His sarcastic and patronising response at 00:49 was ‘Your welcome it must be dreadful for you living so close to Manor Barn who have 40 events a year and Salisbury Plain with tanks firing and aircraft constantly flying overhead? Our little event is just for three days once a year? ‘ None of the things he mentions occur at one o clock in the morning and the Manor Barn has the courtesy and decency to be aware of its close proximity to villagers. I went to work that day having had 3 hours sleep.

  6. I should add in the interest of clarity and fairness that my original message at 00:35, said ‘Some of us have to be at work in a few hrs. Please stop that idiot from drumming. Preferably inserting it where the sun doesn’t shine. It has gone midnight’. Not the politest text I agree; however lack of sleep, the extreme heat and irritation from the unremitting drumming caused me to abandon my usual courtesy. The ensuing 15 minute text conversation didn’t help either.

  7. I had a sarcastic text message last night at 23:17 from the campsite “Hope you are going to complain about all that noise? Is it the Manor Barn? You could hear a pin drop in the campsite! ”
    Clearly the man likes to bear a grudge. What’s interesting is that a lot of the villagers are retirees and he has no idea who he is texting. For all he knows I could be an elderly lady living alone yet he still feels the need to text me late at night five weeks after our original text conversation. Fortunately I was fast asleep and didn’t see it until this morning.

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