Tilshead Borehole Levels: 1st Feb 2019

We began the week with a little light rain and ended the week and January with a moderate snowfall.  None of this has had any noticeable impact at all on the rate of increase of the water level in the Tilshead borehole.  In fact, the level fell on one day of the week and has barely stayed level.  If we don’t get a lot more rain in February and March, we could be in for a very arid summer.

After the wettest December in 6 years, we’ve then had the dryest January in six years, with less than half the amount of rain (26mm) seen in the second dryest January – that of 2016-2017 (60mm).  It is still snowing lightly as I write, but this is due to stop in the next couple of hours; in any event, it’s not going to have a significant impact on the water table.   The forecast for the next few days is for a few showers, clearing to the east by Tuesday.  In the longer term, there is still uncertainty as to whether the weather will be dominated by warmer and wetter winds coming off the Atlantic, or further cold weather coming in from Siberia.

Winterbourne Stoke Parish Council