Tilshead Borehole Levels: 20th January 2017

With very little rain again this week, the borehole water levels have hardly risen.  The graph is looking quite alarming.  The 4 year average has been forced down by almost 4 metres, we are almost 12 metres down on the levels on this date in 2 of the previous 3 years and you might expect our Flood Officer (You do know who he is and how to find him, don’t you?) to be wandering round in shorts and sun-glasses in anticipation of becoming our drought supremo.   But this is no time for complacency; look back at the trace for early 2014.  Several days of heavy rain could bring us to a flood level in a couple of weeks.

We may get a bit of drizzle over the weekend, but not substantial precipitation.  In the longer term, from Wednesday onwards and into early February expect the weather to be wet and windy but variable.  In other words, tomorrow will be much like today, but a bit different.

Winterbourne Stoke Parish Council