Tilshead Borehole Levels: 27th February 2022

Despite some truly dreadful weather over the last week, with several overnight deluges and even a bit of wintry weather that the Met Office would call snow despite it not settling, the water level in the aquifer has continued a slow and steady fall.  Spring is underway and surface water is being taken up by plants.  This is the lowest water level we have seen on a 27th February in any year over the last eight years.  Even an average summer is likely to see the River Till dry up for quite a period.

Graph showing that the borehole water level is now falling steadily and is at its lowest level for 27th February in 8 years.We’ve got a nice day to come today with cloud building steadily from the west.  There may be a few showers overnight and into tomorrow, with heavy, steady rain by afternoon.  Tuesday will be dry, with more rain arriving on Wednesday and into Thursday and, possibly, the weekend.  It is likely to dry up for a period after that and the dry weather continue for much of March.

Winterbourne Stoke Parish Council