Tilshead Borehole Levels: 2nd February 2020

The borehole level data is a little late today due to some technical issues with the webserver.   I guess as it is Palindrome Day (02/02/2020) it isn’t all that surprising to not know if you are coming or going.  The water level this week didn’t do what was anticipated and it has fallen steadily throughout the week, despite the rain.   Clearly, the rainfall quantities were insufficient to keep the borehole level above the 99.00 m AOD level; which is good news.

We are expecting only a little rain overnight tonight and maybe for Monday night into Tuesday, then the rest of the week may be clear and dry.  Next weekend is looking to be very wet, with rain continuing into the following week.   Beyond that is harder to judge.  There is a chance that the south of England will remain fairly dry with temperatures well above the seasonal average.  That is likely to precipitate an early spring and in turn, that will start to lower the aquifer earlier than would normally be the case.

Winterbourne Stoke Parish Council