Tilshead Borehole Levels: 7th March 2021

We are now into the final few weeks of the annual flood cycle for the Tilshead aquifer and the River Till and it’s clear that although we haven’t had a flood, it has been a very wet winter, with above-average rainfall levels.  Over the last week though, it has been very dry and consequently, the water level in the aquifer has fallen slowly, but steadily.  Nevertheless, the current level stands 3.5m AOD above the seasonal average and we are still in the realm of possible flooding if we have more than a few days of torrential downpours.

Those seem unlikely in the immediate future.  The forecast is for more dry weather today and tomorrow, with a possibility of a few patchy showers later on Tuesday and overnight into Wednesday.  Wednesday may bring some heavy rain which will continue into Thursday.  Friday and into the weekend are likely to be somewhat drier and stay that way into the early part of the following week.  There are some suggestions that cold and snow may return after that, but we should avoid it here on the edge of the Plain.  Wetter and more unsettled weather may return towards mid-month, but becoming increasingly settled and dry after that.

Winterbourne Stoke Parish Council