Tilshead Borehole Levels: 8th February 2019

Apologies for being a day late – the delay was down to heavy rain, traffic on the A303 and the gas leak on the Packway.

Well, its been a very interesting week as far as the waterlevel goes. Despite the heavy rain we’ve had, the water level dropped, then held steady for most of the week, only beginning to rise again in the last couple of days.

As you can see, the water level in the aquifer remains very low and it’s going to take an awful lot of rain between now and Easter to make up for the 17 metre shortfall in the aquifer level from the average at this point in February.  That said, there is an awful lot of variability in the data and as a consequence, this year’s rainfall is only pulling down the 6-year average by 1.5 metres.

The weather is going to be the decisive factor, as always.  We should expect quite a bit of rain today and tomorrow, clearing on Monday and Tuesday, with a spot more rain towards the middle and end of the week; but no deluges of biblical proportions.

There seems to be little confidence in how things will unfold towards the end of the month and into March, but there could be a lot more snow to come.   Don’t put your sledges away just yet!

Winterbourne Stoke Parish Council