Reply To: A303 Public Consultation

Reply To: A303 Public Consultation

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I agree with Grace’s post! I have gone through all 51 pages of the HE leaflet with a highlighter pen and there does seem to be a clear bias towards the proposed southern option. The photo montage on P46 is a classic example of how misleading the literature is and the perspectives chosen to illustrate the impact. I heard someone earlier today say that the southern option would be better because the northern option has “a higher and longer viaduct” – based entirely on the evidence of that photomontage!

At the presentation in Amesbury yesterday, we spent over an hour with Liz (whose area is mitigating the effect on the landscape). The southern route is apparently favoured by HE because it would be “easier to conceal” than the northern route and “due to cuttings and clever landscaping, it would have less impact on the landscape than the northern route and could hardly be seen from the village”. Not a very convincing argument (unless you stand where the photograph on p46 was taken). I was able to tell her that Jonathan had walked along the line of the southern route wearing a high viz jacket(!) and I had taken photographs from our house following his progress – and that was at ground level, not at the proposed height of the 12m viaduct.

We were told that the two videos of the northern and southern routes provided a “general overview” but shouldn’t be taken as totally accurate. That’s pretty worrying if people are basing their opinions on this.

Another thing we were told was that the gradients of carriageway had to be as close to 2% as possible, which was why the embankments and viaducts over the Till were as high, so that HGVs would have less difficulty climbing hills – so, not only do we have 4 lanes of traffic rather than 2, they will be raised even higher, so the noise will carry further, just so that lorries can maintain their speeds!

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