John Summerhayes

I visited Amesbury yesterday but as your previous correspondents commented there was a distinct shortage of answers. The standard answer was along the lines of “we are here to find out whether those who respond prefer the north or south route” and if so what are their reasons/justification. Only then when we have made a decision on the north/south will we carry out the necessary technical and other appraisals. When I asked if those appraisals did not give acceptable answers was it possible to move to the alternative bypass the answer was “No”.
In consequence the height of embankments or bridges, the depth of cuttings will be dependent on those appraisals. I enquired what will happen with the chalk from the Tunnel. The policy is to use it as infill so that no removal of spoil is necessary off site. It follows that if there is more spoil than is required then embankments may have to be heightened.
On the subject of noise although a booth was provided to hear the current noise levels at 5 selected locations, it gave no indication of what noise levels would be from either by-pass. I accept that is not practical nor will it be when the north/south route is selected, though it may be possible to create in the laboratory.
However the Land Compensation Act 1973 Pt 1 provides for compensation to be paid when an interest in land is depreciated by physical factors caused by the use of public works. Physical factors are noise, vibration, smell, fumes and artificial lighting.
When asked about the location for the construction site, the advice was to the effect that it would likely to be near the roundabout for whichever route is chosen.
I understand that there will be no access onto the new route at Berwick Down. It follows that residents of W.S. will have a circuitous route to either of the roundabouts. Residents at the south end of the village (and those of B. St J.) will have a very long way to go to the southern roundabout before they actually move westwards. The northern route roundabout is closer but still some distance. What is wrong with an exit west from the old A303 through the village and access east into the village (presumably cost). It would be much better for B. St J. and Shrewton residents.
Having written this out on pages and before adding it here I have just read the excellent submission by JMD about archaeological ruins. I have said for 25 years since the first “preferred Stonehenge by-pass route” was drawn up that HE (and its predecessors were “more interested in the dead than the living”. The Archaeologists had too big an input.