John Summerhayes

I have had left on my doorstep a glossy brochure entitled “Campaign for the preservation of the Southern Till Valley”. Feb 2017.
Whilst I have already written to the HE opting for the Northern By-pass I have some concerns about the information provided in the document. On page 8 it is stated “HE have admitted that the photo …..exaggerated and misleading”. It would be helpful if the date and reference of the HE letter confirming that had been included. There are many other similar statements which would be better if they were backed up with a dated reference.
On page 13 figures are quoted for employed persons in BStJ and WS. What about those employed in the Pub and garage in WS? Is Stonehenge campsite in WS or BStJ parish?
On page 15 reference is made to endangered birds on the Southern by-pass. Are there no birds on the northern route?
On page 20 there is reference to footpaths being severed. Will they or will provision be made for their continued use by under-pass. As to St Peter’s Church closing, there is only 1 individual who regulary attends at St Peter’s from BStJ. His/her inability to attend will not cause the closure of St Peter’s the lack of persons from WS attending will be the closure of St. Peters.
I am sorry but I do not feel the glossy brochure provides a balanced argument and I am sure HE will soon ask leading questions.