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Reply To: A303 Public Consultation

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In response to John’s questions about the “glossy brochure” I can hopefully provide some answers:
.On page 8 it is stated “HE have admitted that the photo …..exaggerated and misleading”. It would be helpful if the date and reference of the HE letter confirming that had been included. There are many other similar statements which would be better if they were backed up with a dated reference. – A. This statement was made by 2 Highways England Officials (Andrew Alcorn + 1 other) at the HE presentation at Mere in late February. Olivia was also there when they made these statements so can verify them
On page 13 figures are quoted for employed persons in BStJ and WS. What about those employed in the Pub and garage in WS? A. The figures for those employed at the Pub and garage haven’t been included as they derive 95% of their trade from traffic on the A303 so, irrespective of which bypass route was selected, their business would suffer

Is Stonehenge campsite in WS or BStJ parish? A. The Stonehenge campsite is technically in Winterbourne Stoke parish but their business would suffer from a southern route as it runs within 300m of the campsite If in doubt, please contact the owner direct!

On page 15 reference is made to endangered birds on the Southern by-pass. Are there no birds on the northern route? A. This data comes from the Wiltshire Ornithological Trust/Pamela Stephenson. I am happy to give you her contact details if you want more info. There is no similar data available for the land north of the A303, either because there aren’t many birds to see or because access is restricted.

On page 20 there is reference to footpaths being severed. Will they or will provision be made for their continued use by under-pass. A. The footpaths will be re-routed, but this is not the point. The existing foot paths will be severed and be replaced with a 4 lane dual carriageway. Not ideal if you are in search of peace and tranquillity.

As to St Peter’s Church closing, there is only 1 individual who regulary attends at St Peter’s from BStJ. His/her inability to attend will not cause the closure of St Peter’s the lack of persons from WS attending will be the closure of St. Peters. A. Winterbourne Stoke is currently part of the Till Valley Benefice and has voted to become part of the unified Till Valley benefice (Berwick,Stapleford, South Newton, Wishford). This will involve parishioners attending services outside their parish.If there was a 4 lane dual carriageway bi-secting Winterbourne Stoke from Berwick St James, this would reduce the likelihood of WS being part of the proposed unified parish of the Lower Till Valley and increase the likelihood of it becoming part of Shrewton. This would in turn likely reduce regular congregation numbers to less than 5, increasing the risks that WS would close. For more info on the risks of WS closing if the A303 southern bypass materialised, please contact Rev Hugh Bonsey.

Hope this helps.

PS. With your imminent departure from WS, regular attendees at WS would likely be fewer than 5, maybe as low as 2-3. I suspect that such a low congregation level would ultimately lead to the closure of St Peter’s.

Winterbourne Stoke Parish Council