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Having spoken to a number of villagers over recent weeks, some surprise has been expressed that there might be funding available for what might be termed “legacy” issues – over and above the funding set aside for the construction of the entire A303 Stonehenge scheme. Let me assure you that this is, in fact, correct.

A recent example of where this has been done in other road-building situations is in respect of the A14 in Cambridgeshire. Groups (Parish Councils, Charities, Sports Groups, etc) but not individuals were eligible for funding. As part of its commitment to the local community, Highways England looked to support activities with a focus on bringing communities closer together. The A14 Community Fund sought to support projects working within a range of themes such as those below:

– Environmental improvement projects (e.g. community gardens, streetscape furniture, wildlife conservation, habitat creation, flood prevention)
– Projects to reduce vehicle use/promote cycling, walking and other non-motorised users
– Arts, culture & heritage projects (e.g. local art competitions, writers in residence, music and dance events)
– Community involvement projects
– Community safety projects
– Community health and wellbeing projects
– Leisure and tourism
– Projects to develop skills, education & employment support.

As well as working within one of the themes for the Fund, projects had to be able to define the link they had to the development work on the A14. The link NOT ONLY HAD TO BE a close geographical link but also had to describe the way the project was a response to the road development.

For example,
• art projects that reflect the changes to landscapes/communities brought about by the development
• projects that build relationships in communities because of new links that the development allow
• projects that enhance the natural environment around the development
• training projects to enable people to gain employment on the development

You can find more here and here.

This is why, as a Parish Council, we are keen to hear your ideas so that we can raise them at the Community Forum, at the Amesbury Area Board and hopefully, discuss them in advance with the Legacy lead at Highways England. So over to you to put on your thinking caps.