Reply To: Solstice Rest

Reply To: Solstice Rest


Now that the Christmas chaos is over and before the New Year A303 nightmare hits with its full intensity, I popped down to the Solstice Rest to see how things are going. I met the new General Manager, Sarah Cowell, who was very friendly and welcoming. We had a chat about the pub, the village, the website (naturally) and the future impact of the A303 and the Stonehenge World Heritage Site on all of us.

Rather than steal Sarah’s thunder, I’ll leave her to add something to this Forum., but it is worth me saying that I was really encouraged by some of the ideas she has.

OK, the decor, both internal and external, doesn’t and won’t suit everyone. The external is clearly done for the shock effect to attract the passing trade. Internally, I am sure a “house-style” will emerge in time. Beer prices do seem to be closer to the London average than the Salisbury average (£4-50 per pint rather than £3.50 – according to the Numbeo price comparison site. However, I don’t have a clear idea of prices in other local rural pubs in the area, so this comparison may not be valid. Does anyone know?

And I’ve left till last the thing that struck me first and that was how welcoming Sarah and her kitchen staff were and how attentive they were to customer needs and how flexible they appeared. As they say, first impressions count.

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