Reply To: Solstice Rest

Reply To: Solstice Rest

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Thank you for all your comments regarding the Solstice Rest. We are currently closed Monday to Thursday evenings whilst it is quiet and are open more typical pub hours at the weekend. These are our “winter hours” and we will open later as soon as business picks up. With regards to what we are trying to achieve, we want to remain a village pub, but clearly the village is too small to support the pub without the passing traffic patronising it. That is why our signage is bright and more visible from the road. We only agreed to opening the pub a couple of weeks before we actually took it on, so you can imagine it is still work in progress to some extent.

Please pop in and meet the team. Sarah, our manager is a lovely, bubbly host and is keen to hear your thoughts and, where commercially possible, we will implement good ideas where we can. Please note, that as requested, we are open for bingo on the first Wednesday of the month.

I know the changes may not be for everyone, but we need to safeguard the future of the pub otherwise the village pub will be gone, something that none of us want. We are a family business running four local pubs, two of which won the Great British Pub Award for the Best Turnaround pub, so we are experienced in improving the future prospects of our important British institutions.

I look forward to meeting you all in due course.

Liz – joint owner of Swan Hospitality

Winterbourne Stoke Parish Council