The Last Post?

Well,  after the fiasco of last week, BT managed to get nearly everyone in the village reconnected to both telephone and broadband;  though we did hear only yesterday (26th July 2017) that one poor unfortunate was still to be reconnected!    Please let us know if you have heard of anyone else in the village who is still without phone or broadband.

Sadly, many of those who have been reconnected have seen their broadband speeds plummet and quality of service drop like a stone.

On the positive side, BT Openreach have installed the last telegraph pole needed to carry the fibre optic cable over the southern end of the B3083 near its junction with the A303, from the western side to the eastern side, where it can join an existing pole and then, presumably, be brought across the A303 to the new DSLAM.

BT engineers were adamant, when spoke with last week, that the physical infrastructure for the new superfast broadband would be completed by the end of July.  The revised goal of the end of August for signing up to the new service does seem to be a real possibility.  That said, the champagne bottle will remain firmly corked up until we have some hard evidence that the work really has been completed.  After all, we’ve thought we’ve been here before!

Winterbourne Stoke Parish Council