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Internet Speeds


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    I’ve not seen anything recently about the speed of the internet speed in the village recently. I’m getting about 1.25 meg, but it’s not very reliable and keeps dropping out entirely. I spoke to one of my near neighbours in the village on Christmas Eve and his service is even worse.

    I know things aren’t going to be improved until BT get their fingers out and connect us up to fibre, but we are still paying our service providers for a service we aren’t getting. I say we should name and shame!

    Perhaps we should have a monthly competition to see who has the fastest and slowest speeds in the village?


    My current download speed is about 2.06Mbps. Upload is around 0.37Mbps with a ping time (latency) of around 23ms. I spend quite a bit of time trying to maximise and stabilise it. There are a few others with significantly faster speeds (around 3Mbps) around the village but many with slower speeds.

    It’s always worth complaining to your ISP if your speed drops. It’s better to do so online ((Twitter) if you are with BT as you tend to get a response within minutes. Better still, the response is usually from the UK and not an Indian call centre whose staff rarely actually understand broadband and simply work their way through a checklist, regardless of your problem.

    We’ve put a link to a good speed checker in the Village Directory if you want to check your own speed.

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    You asked about internet speed in todays comment on broadband. Mt speed has been around 1.2 for some time. Yesterday it was 1.83 but today down to 1.43. John S


    today ours is 0.79 upload and 0.58 download … and thats a vast improvement for us and after hounding BT!

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