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    Are there any others in the village that would like to eat in the pub or get a take away in the evenings? It is a shame that we seem to have lost our village pub.

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    Was in the pub last night for a meal and have been regularly since it changed to Solstice rest. Have sampled most of the menu and every meal has been first class. Not that the food was in any way bad before but have to say its outstanding now. Sorry kitchen staff I don’t know the names of who else works in the kitchen but Scott the chef is first rate. I highly recommend you go and try it for yourself. Make sure you ask for a local members card you get a reduction in the price on meals etc.
    The only down side to the pub was Craig left yesterday, a shame as he was a great character. If your reading this welcome to the new manager.

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    I’ve driven past the pub several times after 7:00 pm since it changed hands and the place has been in darkness on many occasions – so clearly not open every night.

    Good news that TDY thinks the food is excellent as it will draw in customers. Not sure about the colour scheme or the new name – it would seem to be far from clear whether the place wants to be a pub, a restaurant, a transport cafe, or motel for winter and summer solstice gatherers.

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    I have only been to the pub a few times since the new owners have taken over and find the insides a little new and and minima compared with the last owners were it was made to feel very homely. I have had a meal and drunk there beers and all is to a high standard. I do believe that in time it will return to what it was with the last owner.


    Now that the Christmas chaos is over and before the New Year A303 nightmare hits with its full intensity, I popped down to the Solstice Rest to see how things are going. I met the new General Manager, Sarah Cowell, who was very friendly and welcoming. We had a chat about the pub, the village, the website (naturally) and the future impact of the A303 and the Stonehenge World Heritage Site on all of us.

    Rather than steal Sarah’s thunder, I’ll leave her to add something to this Forum., but it is worth me saying that I was really encouraged by some of the ideas she has.

    OK, the decor, both internal and external, doesn’t and won’t suit everyone. The external is clearly done for the shock effect to attract the passing trade. Internally, I am sure a “house-style” will emerge in time. Beer prices do seem to be closer to the London average than the Salisbury average (£4-50 per pint rather than £3.50 – according to the Numbeo price comparison site. However, I don’t have a clear idea of prices in other local rural pubs in the area, so this comparison may not be valid. Does anyone know?

    And I’ve left till last the thing that struck me first and that was how welcoming Sarah and her kitchen staff were and how attentive they were to customer needs and how flexible they appeared. As they say, first impressions count.

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    Thank you for all your comments regarding the Solstice Rest. We are currently closed Monday to Thursday evenings whilst it is quiet and are open more typical pub hours at the weekend. These are our “winter hours” and we will open later as soon as business picks up. With regards to what we are trying to achieve, we want to remain a village pub, but clearly the village is too small to support the pub without the passing traffic patronising it. That is why our signage is bright and more visible from the road. We only agreed to opening the pub a couple of weeks before we actually took it on, so you can imagine it is still work in progress to some extent.

    Please pop in and meet the team. Sarah, our manager is a lovely, bubbly host and is keen to hear your thoughts and, where commercially possible, we will implement good ideas where we can. Please note, that as requested, we are open for bingo on the first Wednesday of the month.

    I know the changes may not be for everyone, but we need to safeguard the future of the pub otherwise the village pub will be gone, something that none of us want. We are a family business running four local pubs, two of which won the Great British Pub Award for the Best Turnaround pub, so we are experienced in improving the future prospects of our important British institutions.

    I look forward to meeting you all in due course.

    Liz – joint owner of Swan Hospitality

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    Once the Winterbourne Stoke bypass opens in 2014 (whether its to the north or to the south) and the western end of the current A303 is grassed over, and through traffic on the current A303 disappears, I wonder what impact all of this will have on the future of the Solstice Rest (and the garage)?

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