Update on the Website

We have been getting a good number of hits and page views since the website went live and earlier in the week we received our first US visitor.  As of this afternoon we have had over 100 discrete visitors and each visitor has looked at on average 8 different pages.  This is statistically equivalent to every villager visiting the site at least once.

We have 9 subscribers to the Newsletter and 20 registered forum users.

A few people have had minor difficulties registering to use the forum.  We are not sure why this is, and it may simply be the need to check your email Inboxes and Spam boxess to see if you have been allowed on to the site proper.  Anyway, if you have an issue,  get in touch as we can sort it out very quickly – Joy Horne,  John Summerhayes. White Rabbit and rwpalmer have all been helped to get registered today.

Thanks to Joy Horne for spotting a teething trouble.  Some of the Comments on the News are not appearing correctly – some of the words are hidden.  We’ve asked theis to be corrected asap.  Please let us know if you come across any other minor problems like this.

Winterbourne Stoke Parish Council