Work Continues On The New Cabinet

BT contractors were hard at work today, stripping all the phone connections out of the old cabinet (it looks now as though that will be taken away completely) and putting the copper connections into the new cabinet.

It looks as though we were mislead a little last week.  The fibre we were shown was indeed fibre, but it was just a coil and it wasn’t yet connected back to Shrewton.   Hopefully, that will soon be here, so the rest of the installation can go ahead.


Watch this space for updates.    You might find you have lost your internet connection during the day.  It’s worth doing a speed test – you may be pleasantly surprised.  Do let us know if you notice a change in speed.

One thought on “Work Continues On The New Cabinet

  1. I did did a speed test and was pleasantly surprised with a download of 2.66 and an upload of 0.75 – almost twice what I was getting before work began.

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