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Welcome to Mullenscote Gundogs and Puppy and
Companion Dog Training Courses

Howard Kirby has been training dogs for more than twenty years, as the proprietor he divides his time between Mullenscote Dog Training Centre and Lains Shooting School.

Howard leads the team at Mullenscote and specialises in training and assisting handlers to get the best from their dogs. Howard and his Mullenscote Dog Training Team can be seen right across the country giving demonstrations and running clinics and seminars.

“Training a dog can be a fantastic experience, our job at Mullenscote is to ensure dog owners get professional advice that is personalised and relevant to their individual dog and circumstances,” says Howard.

Howard started training dogs after being given a black Labrador – he named her Margot as she seemed rather aloof like the character in The Good Life comedy series – at Christmas, 1987.

Adapting the popular saying: “A dog is for life, not just for Christmas”, Howard soon found that his Christmas dog became a way of life. He trained her using his own instincts and friends and family were impressed with what he achieved. He found himself training their dogs and in 1989 opened Lains Shooting School and Mullenscote Gun Dogs at Quarley.

Lains and Mullenscote are very much family businesses. Working alongside Howard are his father, mother, stepfather, brother, and sister-in-law, not to mention son Charlie.

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Lains Shooting School Quarley SP11 8PX UK

This is a directory of businesses, organisations and locally relevant individuals that are either based in Winterbourne Stoke, or are of interest to villagers and visitors to the area.  As a Parish Council, we believe in advertising the breadth of activities that go on in small, rural communities like our own; activities that have a diversity and global reach that might surprise many.

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