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A303 Stonehenge Scheme: Only A Few Days Left To Register As An Interested Party

Don’t forget that you only have a few days left to register as an “Interested Party” for the next stage of the A303 Stonehenge Scheme. As, under the new Development Consent Order process there will be no Public Inquiry, this is the last significant chance you have as an individual, or group, to have your […]

Website News

As we have now had the experience of running the website for a couple of years, it’s time to make a few changes to reflect the way it is being used, or not being used. Some of the changes will reflect ways in which we can worker ‘smarter’ – why publish information ourselves, with all […]

Christmas, Crime and Criminality

It’s been a really interesting and concerning week in the run up to Christmas. Sunday saw more police activity in the village than we have seen for many a long year. The forecourt of the Stonehenge Filling Station was full with police vehicles, police men and women, PCSO’s and a bunch of somewhat dodgy looking […]

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