Winterbourne Stoke News

The Winter Bourne Returns

One of the joys of living in Winterbourne Stoke is the unusual nature of the River Till – it’s a spring-fed winter bourne.  What this means is that during the late summer and autumn, water in the river disappears as the springs that feed it dry up.  Rain in the late autumn and winter percolates […]

Some Useful Christmas Information

You may find the following bits of information are helpful over the Christmas period: Stonehenge Filling Station opening hours: Wiltshire Council Waste and Recycling Dates for Christmas 2017: The collection rota for waste and recycling can be found here.

Winter Has Come: Water Levels

It ‘s that time of year again.  December 1st; which for those of you who don’t necessarily revel in such things is the first day of the meteorological winter.  For the last four winters, we have been monitoring water levels in the Tilshead borehole as a means of getting an early warning of flood levels […]

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