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Nobis villa in agro?

Our apologies for using a Latin title for this post, but we hope you will soon see why.  Back on the 31st of July we published a news item entitled “What Lies Beneath” having seen Wiltshire Archaeology at work in the field that runs alongside the Winterbourne Stoke to Berwick St James road, close to […]

A303: Highways England Drop-In Sessions

Highways England are hosting a number of what they are calling Drop-In Sessions at a number of venues in the coming days and weeks.   The aim of these is to allow the public to see the latest proposals on the Amesbury to Berwick Down Scheme, including the Winterbourne Stoke bypass. The sessions we have been […]

A303: Northern Bypass for Winterbourne Stoke and Stonehenge to Berwick Down Scheme

Today’s announcement of a northern bypass for Winterbourne Stoke is something of a curates egg – it’s only good in parts. As a village, we were offered two poorly thought-through bypass route options by Highways England, with no information that supported either as a rational choice and were then asked to state a preference. Both […]

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