Winterbourne Stoke News

It’s Still Raining

Although we are not reporting weekly water levels in the aquifer, we are keeping an eye on them and the rainfall. Some of you will have noticed that some of the springs have broken and that the river is flowing again. The reason for the latest update is that Autumn has arrived with a vengeance […]

Highways England Looking For Help

Highways England would like to speak with residents of Winterbourne Stoke willing to talk about their experience of living in the village. More specifically they’d like to hear from those impacted by the current location of the A303 (whether it’s you regularly getting stuck in traffic trying to do the school run, or you can’t […]

Water, Water Everywhere

Water has been very much a theme in the village over the last few weeks. First we have had the problem with the water supply and secondly we have had a little rain. Actually, we’ve had something of a deluge; but is it important? Well, let’s start with the water supply. As promised, Wessex Water […]

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