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The Saga of the Pedestrian Crossing on the A303

As most of you will be aware, the pedestrian controlled crossing on the A303 was put out of action around the time of the summer solstice by a less than attentive car driver.  It was clear that replacing it was going to take a little while, as the Siemens control box was crushed out of […]

URGENT: Email Malware On the Loose

It seems that a few villagers have fallen prey to an email malware attack.  If you receive an email, seemingly from someone you know (from within, or outside the village) and it has similar content to the one below, delete it. Joe Bloggs Reply to: J BLOGGS Horrible Trip..Help Needed ! How are you doing?. […]

Our Enterprising Ladies

It’s always nice to be able to report a good news story and doubly-so when it promises to bring pleasure to the village for years to come. A month or so ago, several of our village ladies got together and discussed what they would like to do to bring a bit of colour to some […]

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