Emergency Tree Removal

Following the events of a couple of weeks ago, when one of three old Poplar trees between Brook Close and the A303 adjacent to Frog Alley (The path between Church Street bridge and the A303) blew down with significant damage to property, the remaining two trees have been condemned by Wiltshire Council as being unsound.   They will be felled by contractors and removed between the morning of Tuesday 14th April 2020 and the afternoon of Friday 17th April 2020.

As a consequence, for safety reasons, compounded by the need for social distancing, Frog Alley will need to be closed and villagers should not attempt to use it.  Clearly, this activity is likely to cause some noise and disruption in the vicinity, but this is necessary to remove a clear public safety hazard and a threat to the telephone and broadband access of a significant part of the village.

More BT-Related Work on the B3083

Eagle-eyed readers may have seen that the southern end of the B3083 is marked-up for mole ploughing, from 100 metres north of the A303 to about 500 metres north, by the little lay-by on the western side of the road.  BT are also planning to install a further telegraph pole near number 1 on the B3083 between today (10th July) and Wednesday (12th July).  There may be a little disruption of the traffic.

Road Works on the B3083 Between Shrewton and Winterbourne Stoke

Just letting you know that there are going to be some minor carriageway restrictions on the B3083 between Shrewton and Winterbourne Stoke from Thursday 6th July to Monday 10th July.  We are delighted to say that this is because BT are putting in two poles, installing some ducting and drilling into a jointing chamber as part of the work needed to bring Superfast fiber broadband to Winterbourne Stoke.  The work will be going on at the point the Common turns off from the B3083, so please take care.