Event Committee: Report on the Accounts

The Parish Council, as per item 12 of the Minutes of 2nd August 2018, commissioned a report on the accounts of the Winterbourne Stoke Events Committee to help reassure any incoming committee of the legacy they were inheriting and as a condition of the Parish Council underwriting the insurance costs of the equipment owned by the Events Committee.

The Parish Council have now received this report which we cannot, for legal reasons, publish in its entirety.  Suffice it to say, there was evidence that best practise was not adhered to in the way the accounting records had been managed for the period prior to the current committee taking office.  The Parish Council hope that these shortcomings will be rectified and that, in future,  the Events Committee, if it continues, will adopt best accounting practice.

All those eligible to stand as Events Committee members can view the report by requesting access from the Clerk.

Regrettably, there has been little or no activity by the Events Committee since its election and we would hope that they will now be spurred to action to organise some events for the summer.  Alternatively, an enterprising villager or two might want to spur an extraordinary meeting of the Events Committee and its membership (the village) with a view to getting things moving again; perhaps by adopting a new constitution and/or voting in a new and dynamic committee.

Events Committee – Recent Agendas and Minutes

Please note that the minutes of the Events Committee and Agendas for their meetings can now be found on this website (see under the Documents section).  We will add to these as and when we receive them.

We also plan to advertise all events organised for and on behalf of the village on the website, so please keep your eye on the Notices and Events sections of this website.

Please note that the Events Committee minutes for 3 July 2017 refer to an event being planned for this coming weekend (5/6 August).  This has had to be postponed for a number of reasons and the Events Committee hope to reschedule it for a weekend in September.   We will let you know when this is going to go ahead as soon as the dates are formalised.