A303: Stonehenge Community Forum – October 2023

The latest information download from National Highways in relation to the A303 Stonehenge to Berwick Down Scheme was passed over at a meeting of the Stonehenge Community Forum.  Attached below are a copy of the presentations given and related notes.  Please note that all the dates given are predicated on either the High Court rejecting the application for a judicial review of the latest Development Consent Order (DCO) by the Save Stonehenge World Heritage Site (SSWHS) campaign group, or SSWHS being given leave to pursue a judicial review and losing that.  Given the timescale for the High Court to reject, or allow, the judicial review is uncertain and that for a judicial review completely unknown, then National Highways’ timeline is highly speculative at best.

The name Octavius may be new to some of you, but in reality it’s just a rebranding of the name of the prime contractor for the scheme from Osborne Infrastructure, following the latter’s aquisition by Sullivan Street Partners two years ago, between the first and second DCOs.

The bottom line is that whilst surveys may continue, no substantive work can commence until the DCO is free from any potential litigation.

The notes contain answers to the questions raised at the on-line meeting.

The Community webpage can be found here.

A303 Stonehenge Community Forum Presentation – October 2023

A303 Stonehenge Community Forum Meeting Notes – Oct 23

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