Berwick St James Bonfire Night – Saturday 4th November 2017

The event will be open to the local public.  It will be held in the field at the southern end of Berwick St James called Washpool Field, owned by Robin Richards, and the entrance is close to the main bridge over the Till

As explained above, this will be an event for local residents and, apart from providing an enjoyable evening, the aim is to give our full support to Dominic Ridley’s push to raise a significant sum for the Wiltshire Air Ambulance.   To that end, our aim is to cover the costs of the fireworks and other incidentals from the Village Community Fund and from personal contributions.   The fund raising will come from the sale of tickets and the food on sale together with additional voluntary contributions.   As from tomorrow there will be a Firework Fund donations box at the Farm Shop and collection boxes for the Wiltshire Air Ambulance at the event on the night.
On to the evening itself; the field will be open to the public from 6:30pm, and the bonfire (complete with guy!) will be lit shortly afterwards.  Soup and hot dogs will be on sale from the start, and the firework display will commence between 7:30pm and 7:45pm and the whole caboodle should finish around 8:00pm.  Although there will be a facility to purchase tickets on the night, it would be more helpful and it makes it much easier (for us) if any ticket purchasing is done in advance through Marilyn (Berwick Farm Shop).   Please therefore purchase your required tickets from her and bring them to the event, as you will need them for entry.   People arriving by car may park their cars in the Guide Centre car park (behind the guide centre buildings)
Some people may wish to bring their own fireworks along, but we would discourage this.  However we are perfectly happy if you want to bring and light up your own sparklers, but everyone handling sparklers should wear gloves, and please don’t allow the junior (or juniors) of your own particular clan to wander off under cover of darkness to light up/ fire off various pyrotechnics that he (or she) may be under the mistaken belief would add to the occasion… That would not be appreciated or covered by our insurance.
Although the occasion is essentially a local Till Valley affair, residents are encouraged to invite friends and relatives.  If the weather is dry it should be a very enjoyable occasion.  Please bring friends and family – it should be a great night!
Winterbourne Stoke Parish Council