Co-Option of Parish Councillors

Winterbourne Stoke Parish Council is looking to use co-option to benefit the diversity of the council and, by having more members, increase its flexibility and ability to respond. We need councillors with a range of life skills and interests, as well as the more general traits of being good communicators, having analytical and problem-solving skills and being team players. Above all, we want councillors who care about the community and who will take an active role.

Until recently, there has been no interest from any eligible party to be co-opted, but that situation has changed with Tracy Ewart and Lannie Parkin both kindly putting themselves forward for the two remaining vacancies on the Parish Council. That is much appreciated as they both would bring the qualities we are seeking to the table.

We must be fully transparent and equitable, so it is important that any eligible potential candidates have the opportunity to put themselves forward for co-option. If anyone else wishes to be considered for these roles, they should contact any of the three serving Parish Councillors prior 12th November 2023, so their candidacy can be considered at the first Parish Council meeting thereafter.

See here for eligibility criteria and more information on the role:

A copy of this notice will be lodged with Wiltshire Council’s Monitoring Office

Winterbourne Stoke Parish Council