Tilshead Borehole Levels: 12th December 2021

Although we had a little rain at the start of the week, it had relatively little impact on the water level in the aquifer.  In fact, the rate of filling dropped off as the week progressed and we are now a wee bit closer to the average level for the 12th of December.

Graph of Tilshead Borehole water levels.  The additional data show the rate of filling of the aquifer has fallen slightly.The weather for the next few days is changeable and whilst today may be drier than yesterday, we are likely to see a few more wet and windy days again throughout the week.  The good news is that the second half of the month is likely to see the weather being a bit drier than the first half.  It now looks as though temperatures are going to fall as we move into the Christmas period with more frost and fog.

The New Year may see the cold weather continuing, but still no snow in the forecast for us.


Winterbourne Stoke Parish Council