Tilshead Borehole Levels: 19th February 2023

During the week, the Flood Alert for groundwater flooding in the vicinity of the River Till was lifted by the Environment Agency, but once again, they failed to notify that that had happened.  There have also been more glitches with the Tilshead water level sensor and its communication with the internet.   Hopefully, they can sort it out quite quickly.  The water level began to fall more quickly at the start of the week, but over the last couple of days, the rate has fallen quite markedly.  This could be due to a combination of factors which aren’t quite clear yet: either the small amount of drizzle earlier in the week had a larger than anticipated effect, or the level has dropped to a point where the size of the catchment is big enough to minimise the effects directly.

Water levels continue to fall, though the rate of fall is easing off a bit.

Today should be a lovely sunny day, but there is a possibility of light drizzle overnight, tomorrow and Tuesday.  We could have some proper rain on Wednesday, then drying up on Thursday.  There could be a few wintry showers into the weekend, but these are more likely in the north of the country.  The following week is likely to be a little bit colder than of late, but close to the average for the time of year.  There is nor real rain in sight until the middle of March and even then, the situation remains unclear.

Apologies, but there won’t be a full update here next week, but I will issue the headline water level in the Facebook and WhatsApp groups.

Winterbourne Stoke Parish Council