Tilshead Borehole Levels: 23rd February 2018

February seems set to be a month with below average rainfall – unless we have torrents before the end of the month it may well turn out to be the driest in 5 years.  We had a slight panic earlier in the week when a glitch at the village weather station suggested we suffered 120mm of rain overnight, not to mention windspeeds that would have erased the village from the face of the earth.

The rate of rise slowed to a standstill in the early part of the week, only picking up again in the last two days, suffesting the aquifer is still on a knife-edge.

The forecast is for the “Arctic Beast” – a period of exceptionally cold weather and maybe even snow on Tuesday.  In the longer term, there is the prospect of more snow and then rain coming in from the south west when the weather warms towards the end of March.   Wrap up warm folks!


Winterbourne Stoke Parish Council