Tilshead Borehole Levels: 30th January 2022

We are a shade over half-way through this season’s monitoring period and the water levels in the borehole are still rising, though with a distinct lack of significant rain over the last fortnight, the rate of rise is falling.  Despite this, levels continue to parallel the 8-year average.

Aquifer levels continue to parallel the 8-year average despite the lack of rain.

Today looks to be dry, but with a possibility of a little light rain overnight.  The weather throughout the week is likely to be changeable with more light rain at times.  Beyond that and another windy period towards next weekend, the weather seems likely to get warmer and drier.  The warmer and drier weather seems likely to continue for the rest of February when we might normally expect to see water levels in the aquifer reaching the maximum and even beginning to fall; if we have a particularly early spring.


Winterbourne Stoke Parish Council