Tilshead Borehole Levels: 31st March 2019

The end of March arrives with a fortnight of dry weather; very much “in like a Lion and out like a Lamb” as the old adage goes.   Spring has well and truly sprung with many of the trees now in bud or early leaf and the grass in our gardens growing wildly.  Water levels in the Tilshead borehole have ended the season about 2.5 metres below average and a metre above the driest Spring in the last six years.  Despite the lack of rain, the levels have continued to rise fairly steradily over the last week and probably won’t stop rising until the trees are in full leaf.   This is the last notice we plan to issue until December; though we will keep an eye on things if there is a lot of rain in April.   Have a great summer!We may get the odd shower this afternoon (Sunday) and more on Tuesday and Thursday to match the colder weather.  There may be a few showers over the next fortnight, with the weather continuing to be on the cold side.   Temperatures may start to build towards the end of the month, but no significant rainfall seems to be in the offing.

Winterbourne Stoke Parish Council