Tilshead Borehole Levels: 31st March 2022

Well, the end of March 2022 has arrived and with it, the end of the 2021-2022 water level monitoring; at least on a daily level.  There will be no more reports until the start of December 2022 – that’s a long time away and a lot can happen in between.  Despite there being only a little rain, the borehole level has continued to rise over the last week.  Just to tease a little, it has continued to rise over the last 3 days as well and as of 6:30am this morning, 3rd April, the level stands at 90.78 metres AOD.  Taken all together, that means this flood season will not replace the earlier “Late Spring” shown in the graph.  Mind you, if you had seen the state of the daffodils in Berwick St James first thing this morning, you’d be forgiven for thinking the next Ice Age had begun.  The daffodils in Winterbourne Stoke hadn’t fared nearly as badly which might suggest Berwick St James is a much colder village; that ideas borne-out by Whitehill in Asserton always being covered in frost later in the day than anywhere else around.

Final water level graph of the year showing waterlevels at Tilshead continuing to rise, but at a level much below the average.

You can expect a sunny start to the day, but cloud will build gradually with rain starting overnight and the weather continuing cold, blustery and wet for much of the next week.  More prolonged periods of rain will move in for the weekend and this will gradually move away the following week, with drier weather to follow.  More settled conditions might set in before the end of April, but that is not guaranteed.  Temperatures are set to rise to be above average.

Have a smashing summer and hopefully you will be able to look in again later in the year.


Winterbourne Stoke Parish Council