Tilshead Borehole Levels: 4th January 2019

The first post of the New Year and water levels continue to rise in the borehole, despite the almost complete lack of rain over the last week.  It just goes to show how saturated the ground was after the 6-year record December rainfall.


As you can see, the level is now almost 2 metres below the 6-year average for the 4th January and some 11 metres below that seen on the 4th January 2014 during our last flood year. Rain and other precipitation over the next few weeks could make a considerable difference to the levels and the current rate of change.

We are not expecting any large amounts of rain in the near future; maybe sone drizzle late tomorrow and some light rain on Monday evening. We aren’t really going to see any heavy rain until later in the month and there is still the prospect of some very cold weather with the possibility of snow!

Winterbourne Stoke Parish Council