Tilshead Borehole Levels: 5th January 2020

The first report of 2020 can at least offer a little good news.  With no significant rainfall over the last week, the water levels in the River Till have fallen slowly, but steadily.  The floodwaters in the meadow to the south of the village are receding and the footpath from Church Street towards Stonehenge Campsite, which had been inundated, has also seen the floodwaters recede; though the path has become a muddy morass.  The Environment Agency renewed the two Flood Alerts for the River Wylye and its tributaries and the Salisbury Plain area late last week.  We suspect that for the River Wylye may be lifted fairly soon, but suspect the groundwater alert may stay in place for significantly longer, even in the absence of more significant rain,  There is some moderate to heavy rain and drizzle in the short-range forecast for next week.  This may fall on Monday and Tuesday and maybe again on Thursday.  The impact on an aquifer that is already pretty much at capacity is hard to judge. Later in the month, we have the prospect of further heavy rain, much colder weather, and even snow.

Winterbourne Stoke Parish Council