BT’s Response on Superfast Broadband in the Village

Following our email yesterday,  BT’s Bill Murphy immediately undertook to chase things up with the regional team working with Wiltshire Council’s superfast broadband team, on our behalf.   Today (4:00pm on 08/12/2016) we received the following email”

If you can’t read the original above, the important bit says:

“…Work is progressing on bringing fibre broadband to Winterbourne Stoke. There are no outstanding way leave issues but we will need to use a  “mole plough” to install the fibre along part of the route which may require a road closure – the detailed plans are in preparation to identify whether this will be needed.   
We anticipate that the new cabinet will be installed and accepting orders in the spring of next year.

Clearly, this calls into question everything that Terry Young has been told recently by Wiltshire Council officials working for Wiltshire Online.  It will be interesting to see what Wiltshire Online now come up with, as clearly either they or BT are wrong.   Sadly, no information that Wiltshire Online have provided to villagers, in response to legitimate questions, has yet proved reliable.

Winterbourne Stoke Parish Council