National Highways: Some More Information on the A303 Stonehenge to Berwick Down Scheme Proposals

Following the National Highways “Chatty Van” visiting the village in the summer and a second session held in the Reading Room in Berwick St James, National Highways have produced three fact sheets that address a number of questions and concerns raised by villagers.   In many ways, it’s surprising that they have taken so long to address these issues as all three of the leaflets deal with issues raised in the earliest sessions about the scheme held in the Manor Barn back in 2017-18 and subsequently raised by the Parish Council and individual villagers in responses to earlier requests for information and as part of the Development Consent Order (DCO) process.  The self-same issues were raised again during the Planning Inspectorate review of the DCO.

Despite them being a long time coming, the fact sheets are quite helpful and provide links to much more detailed information contained in the depths of the DCO documentation. There are thousands of pages of this and they can be quite difficult to navigate.

The first fact sheet deals with the viaduct over the River Till:  A303 Stonehenge Fact Sheet 1 Winterbourne Stoke 

The second fact sheet deals with the proposed fate of the excavated tunnel material:  A303 Stonehenge Fact Sheet 2 Winterbourne Stoke

The third fact sheet deals with the construction phase of the operation, should it go ahead:  A303 Stonehenge Fact Sheet 3 Winterbourne Stoke

If you find them useful, or not, please let the Parish Council know and we will give feedback to National Highways.  If there are other questions relating to the scheme that you would like to see given a similar treatment, again, get in touch and we will ask National Highways to take a look.  We are still waiting to see what the latest Secretary of State for Transport wishes to do with the DCO and whether the intention is to go ahead or not.

Winterbourne Stoke Parish Council