Tilshead Borehole Levels: 28th February 2021

The water level in the Tilshead borehole has fallen steadily through the week, with a short upward blip on Wednesday, which was well within the range of sensor error, so may just be a random sensing artifact.  The Environment Agency has finally taken notice of their sensors and removed the flood alert for the Salisbury Plain area.  In previous years they have been too quick off the mark and have had to re-instate the alert after a few hours.  The River Till has also fallen steadily and I am expecting Peter S  to confirm that the levels are now several duck eggs below his duck house floor!

So far this weekend we have started with freezing temperatures first thing in the morning, with a heavy ground frost followed by rapidly rising temperatures in the bright sunshine.  That pattern looks set to continue for a few days more while the effects of the new moon (a “snow” moon) hold.  Tuesday should be a bit colder with wetter weather returning by the end of the week;  enjoy the sunshine while you can.  Temperatures are likely to remain pretty close to the average for early March, but we could experience a return to a colder snap in early March and towards the middle of the month.  The end of March may see a succession of wet periods – all-in-all a pretty standard March.

Winterbourne Stoke Parish Council