Tilshead Borehole Levels: 15th Febuary 2019

A very interesting week as far as the borehole levels go.  As we’ve said on a number of occasions over the years, once the water level in the aquifer exceeds the 85 metre mark, the whole system becomes very sensitive to even the slightest amount of rain.  so it has proved once again.

With just a little bit of rain, the aquifer level has increased over 2 metres in a week.  The last 2 metre rise took over a month.  Of course, we’ve now had a further 3 days without rain and the temperature has started to increase; but I suspect we are not through with winter just yet and we may have another cold spell or two before spring really gets into gear and trees start to come into leaf, slowing the rate of increase in the aquifer, even if we get a lot of rain.

The forecast is for a largely fine weekend, although we may get a spot of rain overnight tonight.  Early next week we may see a little more rain by Tuesday and Wednesday.  There seems less and less likelyhood of snow in early March and the weather here in Wiltshire is going to be coming off the Atlantic than from Continental Europe.

Winterbourne Stoke Parish Council