Tilshead Borehole Levels: 25th December 2022

A very merry Christmas to all of you.  I hope you have a smashing and relaxing day with your family and friends.  Last week we had quite a bit of rain and the aquifer reacted very quickly and the water levels in the borehole began to rise in a matter of hours.  It can often take 3-4 days to respond  after a dry period, so it shows that the ground stayed quite damp during the cold dry period a couple of weeks ago.Borehole levels are starting to rise again after the recent rain.

Once again, although the current water level remains a little below average, it is still the median for the last decade.  It shows how much a single extreme event like a flood year can distort the average.

We certainly aren’t going to have a white Christmas here in Winterbourne Stoke this year, but there may be one in parts of Scotland.  We are likely to have blustery showers blowing through today and tomorrow, with heavier rain coming in for later in the week.  Rain and wind will be the theme of the weather into the New Year, and this may continue here in the southwest for much of January.

Right, the family is all awake, time for presents and to find the Brussels sprouts…

Winterbourne Stoke Parish Council