Parishes Magazine – August 2021


New use of Vestry and Kitchen

We are delighted that the church is being used for more Village activities and events.  The vestry has been cleared to make space for armchairs, a sofa, coffee table and lamps and intended to be a comfortable space for villagers to meet – Book Club, Meet Make and Mend, Mums and Toddlers or even somewhere that friends can drop in and use on an informal basis to shelter from inclement weather! The kitchen area now has two tables and plenty of seating for meetings and creative workshops for both adults and children’s activities.  This is an exciting project that will benefit the whole village.  

See below for some of the things that will be happening over the next few months and keep an eye out on the Village Facebook page for forthcoming events.  

Like a Tramp, Like a Pilgrim

As I write, the weather forecast is looking good for the evening of 24th July, when we have the talk by Harry Bucknall and tour of the Old Rectory Gardens.  Tickets have been selling fast and we hope it will be a very enjoyable evening, as well as raising much needed funds for the “Raise the Roof” Appeal.

Raise the Roof Appeal

It costs £15 per day to keep our church open every day.  This covers the everyday running costs – insurance, heating, lighting, maintenance and minor repairs, our Parish Share and the cost of having one Sunday service a month.  We are now faced with raising the funds to carry out major repairs amounting to £45K, which need to be done urgently.

Sponsored Walk

Jonathan will be setting off on his sponsored walk to Rome on 21st August.  If you would like to find out more about this – the route he will be taking; how to sponsor him; how to support himgiving him a good send-off on 21st (and even joining him for part of his walk on the first day from St Peter’s to Salisbury!), please do contact us at for more information.  We are still in the process of setting up a JustGiving page, which we hope to link to the Friends of St Peter’s, a charity set up by Clare Price, specifically to pay for the fabric of the church.  Jonathan also intends to keep a Blog.  We will provide all details as soon as everything is set up.



Meeting Rooms

The VPS has been working closely with members of the church to set up the Snug and Meeting Area.   The aim, when the VPS was set up, was to unite the community and work together with and help other partners in the village and it’s great to see this happening If you have any spare items for the Snug: cushions, throws, lamps and standard lamps/lampshades and maybe a small CD player, please let Teresa know.

Village Bunting

The village bunting is looking fantastic and is being displayed in its full glory at the church.  Thank you to everyone who has contributed to it. It’s lovely to see something the village has created together on display and can be used for all our future events.  Even so, if you’d still like to have a go and add your bit, please do. All you have to do is create a triangle of bunting (or however many you like) whether it be drawn/painted on paper, cross-stitched/appliqued, standard fabric triangles or even a photo printed and triangled.  Everyone of any age can take part.  Finished triangles can be pinned up on the string with the pegs provided at the church. Templates are available on the facebook group (in the topics section, “things to do”), the Parish Council website or hard copies are available in the church.

Book swap

It’s that time of year for sitting in the garden or maybe going on holiday and it’s great to have a new read or two. Stop by the book swap and see if anything picks your fancy or have a clear out and provide others with new reading material. If you have any childrens books/CDs or DVDs no longer required these can be rehomed here too.

Make, Meet and Mend

Had its first meeting in June, it was lovely to be able to get together, have a chat and cake was most definitely involved!! If you’d like to come along do a bit of crafty stuff or mending, meet people, chat and eat cake the next meeting is at The Church, Tuesday 27th July.

Winterbourne Stoke entries

Olivia Dutton collates the news from Winterbourne Stoke to submit to the Parish Magazine.  Please contact her on 01980 621247/07760 618078 or  The deadline for going to print is noon of 16thof the month, so please make sure to send it to her by 14th of each month.

Winterbourne Stoke Parish Council