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From time to time, we are going to use the Forums area of the site to seek your opinions on issues of direct interest to the village, but you will need to register to have your say.  At the moment (December 2016) We are seeking your help in deciding the fate of the red telephone box on the A303 and where we might be able to site a public access defibrillator.  The best way forward, in both cases, may be linked or may be not.  We need your input, so just click on the links in this text to see what it is all about.

11 thoughts on “We Need Your Help!

  1. The red telephone box is a distraction from the requirement for a defibrillator. Forget the telephone box, scrap it or sell it on (It will be a running maintenance liability). Buy a purpose built cabinet for the defibrillator. As to location best near someone’s house for security – but who will want it?

  2. I think we need one in the village if we could get one. The telephone box i feel would make a good home. But I do feel the telephone box would need to move off of the main road as I feel it may be open to abuse and possibly stolen if left on a main trunk road.
    That my view.
    Tony Dengel

  3. Although the telephone box would be appropriate its location on the 303 makes it too vulnerable to passing vandals. I would suggest that it is located in Church St, either on the barn/old smithy or on one of the houses close to the road on the other side. J

    1. Yes I agree

  4. If phone box is not wanted I would be very happy to relocate to campsite and refurbish so its not lost to community

    For what it is worth I think the Defibrillator needs to be by Pub/Garage or by Ians House However Berwick has one and it never been used!!

    1. @William: Many thanks for getting involved with the website and providing some useful input on the phone box and the defibrillator. For what it’s worth, there is already one defibrillator in the parish and that has been used on multiple occasions over the last few years and saved the life of a local worker only last year. Unfortunately, being located at the Stonehenge Visitor Centre, this device is too far away from the centre of our village to be useful and not available 365/24/7 either.

      1. Fair point

  5. I agree with all the other comment’s.Sale the phone box, the buyer removes it and put the money towards the defibrillator.

    1. @Heather. Smashing to see you here on the website and for sharing your views on the phone box and the defibrillator. Rest assured that all the views expressed by Parishioners will be taken into account when it comes to deciding how best to proceed. Why not register on the site and then you can have a voice in the Forum, or even start off a Forum topic of your own?

  6. What is cost of defibrillator Can we get grant. Understand Berwick cost nothing due to grant

    1. @William FG – your questions have already been addressed in responses to previous questions in the Forum section of the web site.

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