A303 Overnight Closure Arrangements For Villagers

Villagers should have already received a card from National Highways advising of a series of full overnight closures of the A303, between the Deptford interchange and Longbarrow roundabout, between 9:00pm and 4:00am, from Monday 18 July 2022 to Thursday 21st July 2022.

What wasn’t very clear were the arrangements for villagers to leave and enter Winterbourne Stoke during the hours when the A303 will be closed.  As the A303 is the only vehicular access to the majority of the village, that’s a pretty important issue and National Highways has been asked to clarify the situation.  The response (lightly edited) is as follows:


Emergency Services

There will be access for any emergency vehicle needing to get to anyone inside the closure.


All we ask for residents who would like to enter the village to access their property should to make themselves known to the National Highways operatives at the blocks in a polite manner and they will arrange access for them. There might be a short wait but the National Highways night supervisor will be made aware of the situation (ie, the need for 24/7 access).

If residents are trying to leave their property whilst the closure is on, all we ask is for them to drive sensibly up to a gated area and make contact with a National Highways operative onsite, who will then make arrangements for them to leave the closure.

We will work with the residents as best we can.

If anyone encounters a problem whilst trying to enter or leave the village during this period, please let the Parish Council know and also contact National Highways directly to report the issue on 0300 123 5000


Winterbourne Stoke Parish Council