Tilshead Borehole Levels – 29th December 2019

Well, this is the last Tilshead Borehole Level report this decade, and what an interesting one it is.  The recharge rate gradually slowed until the early hours of Christmas morning when the water level went through the 99.00m AOD level at which some flooding is anticipated.   Since Christmas day, and despite virtually nor rain, the level has continued to gradually increase.  We are now a touch below the maxima of Christmas 2013-2014, though a day of persistent, moderate, rain would push us up to or beyond that level.  The good news (we hope) is that we have not heard of any problems in any of the ‘usual’ properties.  Please let us know if this is incorrect.

The really good news is the lack of rain in the short and medium-term weather forecasts, with little rain in prospect until the end of January.  Happy New Year!

Winterbourne Stoke Parish Council